International Klein Blue


Yves Klein was a french artist who lived during the 20th century. He belonged to the movement of the so-called “nouveau réalisme” and his works  were partly considered as post-modern or post-dada. He became mainly famous because of his monochrome paintings in pink, yellow and blue. He was also one of the first concept artists, for instance, he painted the bodies of people blue or red and let them roll over a canvas and well, declared it to be his conception of art.

The blue monochrome works became in fact so popular, that Yves Klein did something quiete unusual:He took out a patent for this particular color and it became International Klein Blue“. This particular aquamarin blue is a very deep and bright color, Klein intended it to attract people, to give them the feeling that they are falling into the painting itself. In medieval paintings, the color was often used to paint Madonna’s robes. Klein transposed his modern conception of art to the ancient symbolic of blue.

But more important than reading is without any doubt contemplating the beautiful color itself.


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